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Les Glover – The Love Terrorist CD


Track List:

    1. Hank and me (The hillbilly & the punk) (L Glover)
    2. Dr Feelbad (L Glover)
    3. When you’re not here (L Glover)
    4. I am legend (L Glover)
    5. When I’m a little older (L Glover)
    6. This song (L Glover/H Priestman)
    7. A dozen reasons (L Glover)
    8. Men of a certain age (L Glover/H Priestman)
    9. Behind my lens (L Glover)
    10. The other side of anywhere (L Glover/H Priestman)
    11. Rockferry fox (L Glover)
    12. The love terrorist (L Glover)

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