Just My Cup Of Tea – New Album – Available to order now!!!

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At last – it’s here – JUST MY CUP OF TEA – RELEASED AUGUST 1ST 2021

Our brand new album. Fourteen new songs written by Don, Les and Paul. Fourteen songs that we know you are going to love!

The cd has fourteen tracks – including two new versions of COZ WE LUV YOU and I WON’T BE PLAYING WONDERWALL TONIGHT – with added cello by Liz Hanks (who plays and records with the likes of Liam Gallagher, Richard Hawley, Paul Heaton, Thea Gilmore and many others).

There is a vinyl album (12 tracks) with gatefold sleeve and your fan pics on the inner sleeve. Due to production times this will be available November 2021.

Plus we have a new tee shirt design, badges, mug, a coaster, even a limited edition jigsaw!

Plus – limited edition handwritten and signed lyrics – and artwork from the CUP OF TEA video.

And an even more limited edition cd of unreleased demos of new songs – unavailable elsewhere.

So, the important question is – HOW DO YOU ORDER?

Vinyl Album

Well, there are various bundles in the store – go and pick the one for you.

The CD and vinyl will be available for separate order after August 1st BUT if you want the CD NOW – IN ADVANCE OF THE RELEASE DATE – all you have to do is order one of the bundles and we will send your CD STRAIGHT AWAY.

The tee shirts, badges, mugs, coasters, jigsaw, lyric sheet, artwork etc WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPARATELY AFTER AUGUST 1ST 2021



1. We will send the CD straightaway
2. Everything else will arrive together once the vinyl has arrived ( November at the latest – before if available )

Thanks! And remember – ORDER BEFORE 1ST AUGUST 2021 to guarantee your items.
1,2,3 – we know it’ll be just your cup of tea!


All the best,
Don, Les, Paul and Martin xxxx


To Be Continued …

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Don Powell’s occasional flames, the side project of ex-Slade sticks man and featuring singer/songwriter – Les Glover and poet Paul Cookson, release their new single on August 7th. Entitled ‘To Be Continued…’, it is taken from their second album due for release sometime in 2021, and is available on all the usual download sites… details coming this week.

Their first album, ‘Taping The Hiss’- vive le rock magazine 7/10 ‘genuinely boot stomping tunes’ – ‘anthems that beady eye or high flying birds would sell each others brothers to have written’ – is still available from their website www.occasional-flames.co.uk or their facebook page.



Latest Reviews

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Taping The Hiss – Reviews

Vive Le Rock Magazine 7/10

“Don’t be fooled by the playful titles, there are some genuinely boot stomping tunes – terrace anthems that Beady Eye or High Flying Birds would sell each others brothers to have written” -Dave Collins-


I Don’t Hear A Single Website

“Let’s make this clear, although the album is essentially a celebration of Slade and all things Glam Rock, it is no comedy album. The songs are fine listens, the lyrics have depth behind the barbs and humour. It doesn’t take itself seriously, no bad thing in these days” -Don Valentine-


Jay’s Website

“Frankly, taping the Hiss has a lot of elements that I don’t generally enjoy on records: studio chatter, spoken word pieces, and songs about Slade. But the album is a delight… The music has great melodies, singalong choruses, and satisfying crunchy guitar… Plus, the album is a hell of a lot of fun” -Jay Nachman-


-Single of the Month-

– (I Won’t Be Playing Wonderwall Tonight) -Scottish Radio-

“People you should buy this album, great tracks, funny, nostalgic and great tunes. With some poetry thrown into the mix. I can’t pick a favourite but some made me chuckle, some a smile. I had reservations about this album. But having a proper listen blew all that away. Probably the best £8 I’ve ever spent” -Chris Roberts-

“Absolutely cracking CD. Can’t stop playing it”😎 -Dave Bennett-

“Got my Taping The Hiss CD today. Loving it . Thanks for doing this guys it really strikes a chord with me, lyrics so very true. However I used to work in a care home and I know full well that ‘The Care Home Weekly Wednesday Glam Rock Singalong’ is not so ‘Far Far Away’, Lol. Love Coz We Luv You and if there is a G(N)od you will have a Xmas number 1”
-Bill Thomson-

“Highly recommended” -David Jones-

“t’s a great CD the idea of mixing the songs and poems and humour… its the future”👏👏🎶🎼🎸-Colin Launder-