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Touched By The Band Of Nod


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Paul’s collection of Slade poems – with colour illustrations by Si Smith.

“Paul is Slade’s poet laureate – read on, I guarantee you wont be disappointed.” – Noddy Holder

“From my heart, this is the book every Slade fan and Slade nutter should have in their collection … a very impressive piece of work” – Don Powell

“These poems are different and original, insightful, funny and SPOOKY because at times it’s as if Paul was in the room with us. The artwork is great if a little bizzare but it helped to bend me into the words. CLEVER!” – Jim Lea

“I read your uniquely presented book from cover to cover admittedly picking out the poems about Jim first! I then read them aloud to Jim followed by “an audience with the family” Very well received by all. Your poetry is amazing as is your insight. You captured so many truths, so many emotions. Absolutely loved it!” – Louise Lea

“Wordmithery of the highest order and wittiest bent to express heartfelt affection for the Ayatollah of Holler and his illustrious glam cohorts” – Mark Radcliffe

“Slade made ALL the difference – we were all touched by the band of nod and this book captures those emotions perfectly” – Mike Peters (The Alarm)

“As kids Slade were our band. Paul’s poems capture the essence perfectly and bring back those early musical memories in an equally vibrant way. Get stuck in!!” – Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff)

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